Protect your company from loss or damage to your customers’ property.

Bailee's Insurance

If a business regularly takes possession of customer property (holding it in bailment) and is being compensated for services, the business is responsible for returning the property in the same condition as it was received.

For example, when a customer takes a dress to the dry cleaner to be cleaned, the dress is temporarily under the control of the bailee. The bailor expects the dress to be returned in good condition. If the dress is stolen or irreparably damaged while in the care of the cleaner, bailee's customers' insurance covers the loss.

What Does Bailee’s Cover?

Bailee’s coverage can cover losses due to: fire, lightning, theft, burglary, robbery, windstorm, explosion, collision, floor, sprinkler leak, earthquake, strike and damage or destruction in transportation.

Aren’t I Covered Already?

Regular business property insurance plans cover only the property of the business owner. Any business that routinely accepts custody of customers' property may also need bailee's customer insurance.


  • A bailee is a business owner who takes temporary possession of property belonging to others
  • Ordinary business insurance covers the loss or destruction of the owner's property, but not the customers' property
  • Bailee customer insurance covers any damages that occur while the property is on the business premises or in transit to and from it

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