Safeguard your employees against actual, alleged, or threatened abuse or molestation.

Abuse and Molestation

If your organization works with youth, seniors or disabled clients (or they are on your premises regularly) you have potential exposure to allegations of abuse. Abuse could mean different types of allegations like sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, humiliation and more, whether founded or unfounded and such accusations can be devastating to any organization in terms of finance and reputation, regardless of whether any actual abuse has occurred.

Abuse and molestation allegations can come at any time and some of them date back decades. In some cases, the allegations are made in the form of a lawsuit. That’s why it’s important to have coverage that has a duty to defend. You may defend against an allegation made directly against you, but more likely you will be defending against an abuse claim against someone in your employ.

At Risk Organizations

  • Community Service Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Religious Institutions
  • Education & Daycare Facilities
  • Non-Profits
  • Children & Family Services
  • Assisted Living
  • Hospice Care

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