Protect your business from non-payment of commercial debt.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivables directly affect your cash flow and profitability, and while many companies in the U.S. are thorough when it comes to protecting against losses related to property damage, liability, and other unpredictable, high-exposure risks, as one of their most valuable assets, accounts receivable should also be secured.

Because Accounts Receivable insurance provides companies with protection against customers that fail to pay what they owe by securing their accounts receivable, coverage can help credit risk teams and other stakeholders manage the commercial and political risks that are beyond the organization’s control.

Four Coverage Options

  • Whole Turnover
  • Key Accounts
  • Single Buyer
  • Transactional

Key Benefits

  • Protects your accounts receivable dollars and increases your cash flow
  • Reduces debts and improves your balance sheet
  • Leverages your policy to obtain more cash and free up other assets
  • Allows you to offer your customers better credit terms and payment options
  • Helps you obtain larger orders and expand into new and emerging markets with assurance


  • Protect the Balance Sheet
  • Expand sales
  • Gain a competitive edge by offering better terms
  • Get better financing

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