Your employees get to choose the best coverage from multiple providers, including FREE concierge service.

Support your employee’s love for their four-legged friends.

This benefit is a breeze to implement

No Payroll Deductions or Employer Contribution

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Human Support,

How does it work?

Pet insurance experts will help your team find the best policy for their pet.

Researching pet insurance is complicated and stressful.
To make it easier, the concierge does all of the comparison hassle for them.

They’ll present your employees with customized options based on their pet’s breed, age, gender and financial budget. They’re always free for pet owners and will guide them every step of the way.


They’ll help your employees find the best coverage for their pet.


They quickly compare among available options.


They pick their plan and get their pet covered in minutes!

Give your employees the level of service reserved
for only the largest organizations at no cost.