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ADA Lawsuits: A Cautionary Tale

Over the past few years, an increasingly large number of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits are being filed in local jurisdictions as well as the Federal Courts. Many of these actions are being filed by “attorney trolls” looking to “shakedown” local small businesses. (more…)
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Monthly Brain Teaser: Can You See It?

Casumo, an online casino, created four different gambling-themed brainteasers featuring dice and playing cards. According to…
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Workers Compensation Webinar

Think What You Want, Be Careful What You Say On April 17, 2019 we hosted a…
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Transform Your Training 
from Monotonous to Memorable

Good trainers employ a blend of psychology, creativity, and thorough preparation to deliver truly effective and…
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Monthly Brain Teaser: Matchstick Math

Your task is to move just one matchstick to fix the equation. The first visitor to…
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How to Put a Positive Spin on Difficult Work Discussions

Instead of avoiding difficult conversations at work, start thinking about how to frame these conversations towards…
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Are You Building a Championship Team?

Because great teams are goal-oriented and imbued with a sense of purpose, team-building needs to be…
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Review Your Employee Handbook TODAY

If you think your employee handbook is in great shape, think again. The average company handbook…
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FMLA: Not a Free Pass to Break Workplace Rules

In the face of death, illness, family need, and other dramatic changes, personal lives take higher…
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8 Ways to Prevent Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent claims increase costs for everyone. You need to create a company culture where employees feel…
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