“Our client brought this product to us to create an amazing package. We did and we are extremely happy the clients loved it, and now that our peers love it too!”

– Stoughton Printing Co. 2017 People’s Choice Award

“We’ve entered several items and two of them actually placed which is very exciting for us and even more exciting for our clients. We’ve been very successful with the product on their end and having an award just brings it all back home. I’m going to be very happy to go back to the team and say ‘We did it’!”

Ken Collins, Adcraft Products, Inc.

“Awesome, a lot of fun! It’s great to be recognized for the wonderful work we do and for the people we’ve got back at the shop doing a great job, day in and day out.”

Brian Campbell, Lithographix, Inc.

“Our team won People’s Choice tonight and they worked really hard on it so they’re going to be pretty excited that everyone here voted on it and that all the printers liked it. So that’s pretty special to have. And we feel pretty privileged to get that award tonight.”

Jim Joyce, Dual Graphics


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