January 8, 2020

A Professional Approach to Personal Protection

A Professional Approach to Personal Protection

Most business owners know their success makes them a target for claims and lawsuits. In the event of a liability claim many attorneys base their demands not on the severity of the offense, but rather on the net worth of the person or company they are going after. “Deep pockets” make for big demands. That’s why many of our members turn to PIASC Insurance Services to protect the investment and hard work that has gone into building their business. PIASC Insurance Services has the experience and expertise to address members needs and respond to changes as our members’ businesses evolve. Most understand that a well-designed suite of insurance protection is critical to the success of a growing business.

But what happens when your work is done for the day? Do you take that same careful approach when it comes to protecting your personal assets? Driving to and from work can be the time during the day when you are most exposed to potential liability. According to Insurance Information Institute, Personal Auto Liability claims involving injury totaled $91,726,649 in 2018, compared to just $17,774,673 in comparable Commercial Auto losses. Additionally, about one in 900 homeowners face a liability claim related to the cost of lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that the policyholder or family members cause to others. Unlike Property claims, which are limited by the costs to repair or replace the damaged property, Liability claims for injury have no upper limit and can be very costly to defend in court. Many factors such as owning a dog, having a swimming pool or having a teenage driver in your home can increase the likelihood of serious Personal Liability claims. 

As a rule of thumb, every business owner should carry a Personal Umbrella policy with limits that adequately protect them and their family from financial disaster. A Personal Umbrella policy extends the amount of coverage available for legal defense or damages in the event of a claim or lawsuit, no matter if the claim is the result of an auto accident, a slip and fall at your home or injury to another person not connected to the operation of your business. Fortunately, Personal Umbrella protection can provide additional peace of mind at a surprisingly affordable price.

As an independent insurance agency PIASC Insurance Services can provide Personal Umbrella coverage with the same professional approach they bring to protecting our members businesses. Because they understand the vital aspects of your business the agents at PIASC can better evaluate your level of exposure and formulate a Personal Umbrella policy that transfers the risk where it belongs, to the “deep pockets” of the insurance company.

Reach out to PIASC Insurance Services today at (323) 400-6705 to speak to an experienced insurance professional who can take an all-in approach to your potential risks, both personal and professional. A Personal Umbrella policy is a sensible way to protect your loved ones and all you have worked hard to build.



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