October 31, 2019

5 Tips for Managers

5 Tips for Managers

In a society where legal action often bubbles under the surface, it’s highly important that managers be proactive in their behavior.

Employment laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Managers should know the rules, follow them carefully, and document events accurately. Small mistakes or oversights can lead to costly lawsuits which might destroy your organization’s credibility. Don’t let a simple mistake dictate your future or the future of your organization.

Review this checklist of five reminders to help you avoid the most common managerial mistakes:

1. Take Complaints Seriously: Not providing adequate attention to work-related complaints can hurt your organization. When employees feel ignored, they may become disgruntled. Take each complaint seriously; even small issues should be addressed before they become bigger. Pretending nothing is happening won’t resolve the problem especially if they are harassment or discrimination related

2. Document Clearly and Carefully: Everything a manager says, does, or writes could be used against the company or manager in a lawsuit. Therefore, is it important to speak, write and behave with good sense and caution. When dealing with employee issues managers should clearly document the details. In the case of a lawsuit, a well-prepared manager should be able to provide clear and careful documentation about the situation.

3. Offer Clear and Honest Evaluations: Honest and clear performance reviews are a great tool for providing feedback to employees. However, managers should be careful in their evaluations, in both praise and notes for improvement. Those superfluous positive comments may cause difficulty when you need to use that file to justify a termination or demotion.

4. Follow Policies and Procedures: Know the policies, rules, and procedures of the organization. As team leaders, managers need to be appropriately trained. Regular updates to this training should be on the calendar. If a court case does occur, documentation of the consistent training could be an important factor.  Ignorance of policies is not likely to be well-received in legal action.

5. Follow a Performance Improvement Plan: When having performance issues with their employees, managers should offer guidance through the process. A Performance Improvement Plan helps outline specific ways the employee could improve. Finding a way to retain and turn around an employee is good practice. Managers who fire employees without considering other alternatives may appear as insensitive, which is not good for company morale or helpful during legal action.

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